From asparagus to zucchini, the farm produces 35 different vegetables, specializing in premium hybrid and heirloom tomatoes, early season strawberries, fresh herbs and heirloom pie pumpkins.  Fresh picked veggies are sold at farmers markets in Blacksburg, VA, Lexington VA, and in Lewisburg, West Virginia.


Sheep and lambs graze on placid pastures…West Farm is home to 100 breeding sheep, Dorset and Suffolk ewes that produce prime lambs which are processed in a USDA Certified Humane facility for retail at farmers markets and to restaurants. 

Pam West has a love for Growing Flowers sharing her knowledge and passion for Home Grown bloom through farmers market bouquets and wedding designs. To her farming and living a rural lifestyle is a privilege. At West Farm, our goal is to keep our plants and animals healthy and land sustainable for future generations. 

Thank you for visiting our family farm!


Beauty grows at our family farm with over 120 different varieties of annual and perennial flowers and bulbs cultivated in our 4-acre fields, high tunnels and greenhouse. At the peak of summer, the fields are a spectacle of color.  Being a 4th generation farmer, Pam West has a love for growing flowers and floral design.  She is a member of the national organization- Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.


Strawberries are grown in high tunnel structures, protecting the crop from insect and disease pressure, and unpredictable early season weather. They are picked for market beginning in late April, only when perfectly ripe, and full of flavor.


Welcome holiday family and friends to your home with a mixed evergreen wreath from the Appalachian Mountains. Each wreath is handmade from woodland greenery at West Farm in Greenbrier County, WV. Available November 15th through December 15th and available at farmers markets, mail order, or at the farm. Wreath Workshops - gather friends and come to West Farm to craft your own holiday wreath with the help of Pam, instructions and materials provided. 


Nestled in the hills of southeastern West Virginia is West Farm, established in 1992 by Pam and Kirk West. Coming from generations of farmers, and having more energy than the day is long, the couple has dedicated years to their love of the land and livestock. They use sustainable growing methods; including cover cropping, pasture rotation, no-till planting, manure composting, and the use of T-tape irrigation to conserve water. They respect the environment and its natural resources.